Gdansk & Zamek Malbork Analog Photography Workshop 2019

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Gdansk & Zamek Malbork Analog Photography Workshop 2019

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I wish photographers from all countries interested in analog photography to join this unique workshop in Gdansk and the Malbork Castle in Poland. During three intensive days and nights we will work together in a workshop covering street photography, night photography, architectural photography and everything else that might inspire us – and create every single image on photographic film. [Gdansk/Malbork, April 12.–16th. 2019.]

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This workshops targets photographers that want to enhance their artistic and technical skills within film photography. You can bring any camera and work in any format as long as your camera uses film. I will myself work mainly with my Lotus 8x10 large format camera, but wil most likely bring a medium format or 35mm camera as well.

In Gdansk we will stay some nights in the streets, and I will teach and guide within night photography on film. I will also demonstrate my quite unusual approach to street photography - where I work with an 8x10-camera. We will find interesting scenes both in the Old Town of Gdansk and in the more modern parts of this interesting city. We will also visit a really unusual abandoned site close to Gdansk.

Zamek Malbork – or Malbork Castle as it is called in English – is the world's largest stone castle and provides extraordinary opportunities for photography. We will work with symmetry, light and depth through a full day inside and outside the castle. Zamek Malbork is a 13th-century Teutonic castle and fortress. It is the largest castle in the world measured by land area and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Read more about Zamek Malbork on Wikipedia:


The workshop is sponsored by Ilford Photo and Lotus View Camera.


When does the workshop start and end?

Start: April 12 at.PM (Dinner at the hotel restaurant). End: April 16 at 10.AM. 2019

What is the registration deadline?

March 12th , 2019

How do I go to Gdansk?

Book a flight to Gdansk Airport April 12 and take a bus to the hotel.

What hotel should I book?

Book your stay at Hampton by Hilton Gdansk Old Town Hotel.

How do we get to the locations during the workshop?

Minibus transportation is included in the workshop fee.

What is the workshop fee?

€650. The two first tickets will sell at €550.

What does the fee cover?

Tuition and transportation during the entire workshop.

What is the maximum number of participants?


What is the level of skills required?


What camera(s) to bring?

Bring any camera(s) as long as it uses film.

Should I bring a tripod?

Yes, definitely!

What film(s) should I use?

Use the films you like. The workshop is sponsored by Ilford Photo and you can expect to have som rolls and sheets for free during the workshop

How do I get further information?

Don´t hesitate to contact me via email at any moment:

Please go to the shopping cart immediately after registering to perform payment.