Aurora & Polar Night Photography Workshop – Ole Chr. Salomonsen & Bjørn Joachimsen

Aurora Borealis over Tromsø. ©Bjørn Joachimsen.
Aurora Borealis. © Ole Christian Salomonsen
Aurora Borealis. ©Ole Christian Salomonsen.
Aurora Borealis. ©Bjørn Joachimsen
Aurora Borealis over Tromsø. ©Bjørn Joachimsen.
Aurora Borealis. © Ole Christian Salomonsen
Aurora Borealis. ©Ole Christian Salomonsen.
Aurora Borealis. ©Bjørn Joachimsen
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Aurora & Polar Night Photography Workshop – Ole Chr. Salomonsen & Bjørn Joachimsen

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During this 5 day intensive workshop we will teach you how to make stellar photographs of Norwegian landscape and the spectacular Aurora Borealis. We take you to the most interesting scenes and to some of the hidden gems in the Tromsø area. Ole Christian Salomonsen and Bjørn Joachimsen are experienced photographers who know this area like their own pockets. [Tromsø, November 23.–27. 2018]

Workshop fee is €1450. A deposit of €450 must be paid when registering for the workshop. (Remember to go to the cart to fulfill payment after registering.)

Registration deadline: October 23, 2018.

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Aurora Borealis. ©Bjørn Joachimsen

Aurora Borealis. ©Bjørn Joachimsen

The ambition of this workshop is to inspire and teach  you how to make aurora and landscape photographs that stand out when it comes to composition and technique. We will inspire you to compose with land and light, to help you make aurora photoghraphs beyond a mere depiction of this phenomenon.

We will have a small workshop group – maximum 10 participants – and you will never feel like just one in a crowd during our sessions. You will get all the guidance you need and we will share all our photographic knowledge and experience. Tuition will consist of lectures, presentations (still and video footage), a lot of field work and some indoor sessions on image editing and color management. Weather and aurora conditions will determine the schedule from day to day (and nights).

Aurora Borealis is of course unpredictable, but we will use all our knowledge to take you to the right places at the right time. If it´s too cloudy for shooting aurora at night, we will work with landscape photography in daytime. All days and late evenings during the workshop will be filled with photography, – and some sleep, of course.

What you can expect from Tromsø

In November winter season has already arrived. It is usually quite cold at this time of the year – and it is not unlikely that the landscape is covered by snow. (Let´s hope so.) We must also be prepared for windy conditions, so you have to bring warm clothes and good footwear for long outdoor photography sessions. Hunting often means hours of waiting until the «green lady» eventually shows up on the sky.

What you can expect from us

We are there for you during the entire workshop, to help and advice you to make the best photographs possible from the shifting conditions. We will shoot very little ourselves and rather spend our time and share our knowledge to you during the workshop. Don´t hesitate to ask us for advice and help!

You´ll find practical information below the image.

©Bjørn Joachimsen

©Bjørn Joachimsen


Instructors:  Ole Christian Salomonsen and Bjørn Joachimsen

Dates: November 23.–27, 2018. The workshop starts at November 23 at 9. AM and finishes at November 27 at 2. PM. We reserve the right to make slight adjustments. During the workshop you must reserve all time to work with photography, but of course there will be time for some excellent meals at Tromsø´s restaurants. And some sleep.

Price: Workshop fee is €1450 and you must pay a deposit of €450 when registering.

Travel: You can go by plane to Tromsø Airport (TOS) with SAS ( or Norwegian ( You can go by airport shuttle bus or taxi to the hotel. (It takes just 10 minutes.)

Accomodation: Thon Hotel Tromsø. Grønnegata 50, 9008 Tromsø. Book your stay immediately after registration. Accommodation costs are covered by the participants themselves.

Meals: Breakfast is included in your hotel stay. We will have dinners on restaurants if we have nights with no visible aurora. If we´re outdoors we´ll bring food with us.

Itinerary: We will not put up a specific itinerary for the workshop, as aurora and weather conditions must determine how we should spend our days and nights best.

Transportation: All transportation from the workshop starts til it finishes is included in the workshop fee. We will drive minbus/cars with the group. You don´t need to rent a car for your own.

Weather and clothing

Weather condition might be rough fart north at this time of the year. Hence you must dress for cold and windy situations. Multi layer clothing including  a wind tight jacket is necessary. You should have insulated boots and gloves – and a cap that is warm, windtight and covers you ears.

Recommended equipment

  • System camera

  • Wide angle (fixed or zoom) lens with a maximum aperture of f/2.8 or wider.

  • Remote release (wireless radio transmitter or cable, no IR.)

  • Sturdy tripod

  • Spare batteries

  • Headlight

Terms and conditions

Workshop fee is €1450. A deposit of €450 must be paid when registering for the workshop.

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If you are a dedicated photographer – amateur or professional – we wish you welcom to join the event we want to create for you – and together with you. Don´t hesitate to contact us if you need further information.

Read more about the instructors below the image.

Aurora Borealis. ©Ole Christian Salomonsen.

About the instructors

Photographer Ole Christian Salomonsen.

Photographer Ole Christian Salomonsen.

Ole Salomonsen is an award winning nature photographer particularly known for his work with the auroras. In addition to having shot litterally thousands of landscape pictures featuring the northern lights, Ole masters both the technique of timelapse and video, and has produced several films of the northern lights; including his latest full dome documentary “Extreme Auroras”.

His films has been screened world-wide, and also for many years by the main tourist office in Norway, “Visit Norway” ; to promote winter tourism. In 2016 Ole was awarded Northern-Norwegian marketer of the year, for his work with photography in social media and promoting Norway as a travel destination.

Ole is a Sony European Imaging Ambassador, but also has a wide knowledge of most other camera brands through is interest in technology and his daytime job as a store manager for Cewe Japan Photo in Tromsø, the largest camera store chain in the Nordic. Ole has a great and positive mood and has great experience with teaching and is highly skilled in most Adobe CS products

He embraces and pursues the arctic light, and still hasn’t shot his dream shot.

Photographer Bjørn Joachimsen.

Photographer Bjørn Joachimsen.

Bjørn Joachimsen (1967) is a Norwegian independent photographer that moves around in natural and urban landscapes with his cameras – always open for being surprised by what he can see and visualize through photographs. He tries to create images that ask questions rather than providing answers.

He works within a broad range of photographic genres and styles and utilizes both analog and digital technique for his work. Bjørn is among the leading workshop instructors within photography in Norway and teaches both nature photography, portrait, action and gives a lot of courses in image editing and workflow with Lightroom and Photoshop. He is intrinsically connected to the coast of Norway and spends a lot of time with his camera along these shores and in the coastal forests.

Bjørn is the major player within the photography workshop market in Norway.

Aurora Borealis showcase. ©Ole Christian Salomonsen.

Aurora Borealis showcase. ©Bjørn Joachimsen.